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Prevent potentially damaging dirt and pollutant buildup on your solar energy system components with help from Sunshine Solutions. We provide thorough solar panel cleaning and repairs that boost your system's overall operation.


If you're wondering if your solar panels need to be cleaned, it's probably safe to say that they need some maintenance. Keep reading for answers to customers' frequently asked questions concerning cleaning schedules, costs, and much more.

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Optimize your solar energy system's performance with services from our solar panel cleaners in Riverside, California. Sunshine Solutions has served the Inland Empire-Riverside County, including San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties since 2011. Our professionally trained staff has more than 10 years of solar industry experience so you can depend on us for safe and effective panel maintenance and repair. You never have to worry about us using too much of your water because we use a self-contained truck mounted water system. Local leasing and sales agents consistently recommend us, so the quality of our service speaks for itself.  

Request a quote from our solar panel cleaners for services that restore value to your energy system.