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Solar Panel Cleaning Services near Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Also Servicing Riverside, Chino Hills, and Surrounding Areas

Prevent early wear and tear on your solar energy system with panel cleaning, repairs, and maintenance from our company in Riverside, California. With regular cleaning from Sunshine Solutions, your system's components continue to provide you with safe and money-saving energy.

A Sparkling Clean

Solar energy is a big investment that is expected to achieve a return by reduced energy costs and credits if overproduction is circulated back into the energy company's grid. To achieve your expected return, your PV panels must be properly maintained.

Residential & Commercial Services

We work on residential and commercial structures of all heights along with owned or leased solar energy systems. To protect your equipment, we use products that are specifically designed for safe solar panel cleaning. Based on your system's needs, one-time and maintenance programs are available, so call us for complete service that includes:

• Inspection - Roof & Solar Equipment, including
  Utility Lines, Inverters, Panel Placement,
  Wiring, Connectors, & Much More
• General Tightening - Wiring, Connectors,
  & Panel Brackets
• System Efficiency Check

• Damage Reports/Repair Recommendations
   - Roof or Equipment

Panel Cleaning Removes:

• Dirt

• Soil
• Grime
• Calcium

• Acid Rain

• Hard Water Deposits
• Jet Fuel

• Bird Droppings

• Tree Sap
• Ash & Much More


• Improved Efficiency Ratings - Optimum Energy
  Can Only Be Achieved with Clean Panels
• Prevention of Energy Reduction

• Protective Barrier between Cleanings

• Extends the Life of the Solar Equipment
  & Protects Your Solar Investment

Corrective Solar Panel Services

Keep your solar energy system in top condition with solar panel repairs and maintenance from Sunshine Solutions in Riverside, California. Using state-of-the art diagnostic tools, we quickly identify any problems and, if something is found, we perform the services to correct the issue. To satisfy your requests, we perform:


• Troubleshooting for Complete Lack
  of Production or Reduced Efficiency

• Tile Repairs & Replacement

• Inverter Repairs

• Connector Repairs
• Conduit & Electrical Unit Repairs

• Utility Connection Repairs

• Electrical/Wiring Repairs
• Entire Solar Panel Replacement


• Installation of Barrier to Keep Birds & Pests
  From Damaging Your System
• Types Of Barriers - Wire, Chain, or Lattice

• Customized to Your Request

• No Harm to Birds or Their Nests

• On-Site Estimates Provided

After Installation Cleanup:

• Replacement of Any Broken Roof Tiles

• Debris Removal

• Roof, Concrete, & Brick Pressure Washing

Contact us for cleaning that makes your solar panels look and operate like new again.